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About FeinWines

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About FeinWines

No, we aren’t Master Somms –at least not yet– we are “professional consumers” with a passion for wine.  We love world class wines as much as we find great satisfaction in finding great deals on lesser known wines.  We cherish the opportunity to experience beautiful wineries while soaking in delightful vino.

We love delicious restaurants with excellent wine lists.  We like creating our own recipes at home and crafting fun wine pairings.  We are always looking forward to our next stay at an incredible Resort or Inn in wine country (in the US, Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, Australia, anywhere).  We read about wine, we talk about wine, we probably sometimes even smell like wine.

Join us on a non-stop adventure as we consolidate for you the best the world has to offer through ALL. THINGS. WINE!

Cheers!  --Cole Feinberg, Founder


Colin Harter

Founder, Lost Republic Whiskey Co.

" I'm a whiskey guy at heart but do love wine as well and need to make sure the wine fridge is always dialed in. FeinWines makes it easy to stay stocked up and you always know you're getting a great deal on something fun and unique. "


Constance C.

Tech Exec

" FeinWines makes wine shopping a breeze! I can always find something a little different at a great price. I also love coming back for my favorites because I know I'll get the best customer service. All of my orders have shipped promptly and arrive exactly as ordered.  I can't stop telling friends about FeinWines because the selection is incredible and the deals are unmatched. "


John Lawson

CEO, Wine Country Connection

" We here at Wine Country Connection are thrilled to have formed a partnership with FeinWines.  Their focus on finding high quality wines at great prices aligns with our core values, and we couldn't be prouder of the opportunity to work with FeinWines as they bring more and more customers the best of what the world of wine has to offer. "


Michael Kubas

Fixed Income and Wine Appreciator

" While the amazing deals are what initially got us hooked on FeinWines, what’s impressive is the quality they find at such great prices - not to mention all the varieties they bring to the table.  FeinWines has introduced us to so many wineries and new types of fun wines that we would have never discovered without them! "


Chris H.

Hedge Fund Founder

" I have been a FeinWines customer for years and have never been disappointed by a single FeinWines recommendation. Their unique selection of high quality wines is a great way to add to your cellar – and at prices that can’t be beat. "


Matt G.

Commercial Real Estate Exec.

" FeinWines has become our go-to source when looking for something new in the world of wine. Be it a lesser-known Spanish varietal, a limited-production label out of Burgundy, or a new-world gem out of Napa, this company consistently delivers great wines and terrific value. "


First Bottle Wines

Last Bottle Wines

" With trustworthy recommendations, expert selections, and friendly wine descriptions, FeinWines is one of our favorite curated wine newsletters. It's been a pleasure sharing both Last Bottle Wines & First Bottle Wines with this loyal fan base. "

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