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About Us

No, we aren’t Master Somms – at least not yet – we are “experienced consumers” with a passion for wine.  We love world class wines as much as we find great satisfaction in finding great deals on lesser known wines.  We cherish the opportunity to experience beautiful wineries while soaking in delightful vino.

We love delicious restaurants with excellent wine lists.  We like creating our own recipes at home and crafting fun wine pairings.  We are always looking forward to our next stay at an incredible Resort or Inn in wine country (in the US, Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, Australia, anywhere).  We read about wine, we talk about wine, we probably sometimes even smell like wine.  Join us on a non-stop adventure as we consolidate for you the best the world has to offer through   ALL.  THINGS.  WINE!

Cheers to feinwines! -Cole Feinberg, Founder